UK Visa From Dubai

The United Kingdom comprising of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales is a favored destination for people all around the world. Even Indian residents residing in Dubai love to visit the UK for tourism purpose and those who intend to travel to the UK as a visitor needs to apply for the UK Visa.

Applicants applying for the visa from Dubai needs to file the UK Tourist Visa application and needs to follow the same rules and regulations as followed by the Indian citizens. Visa is mandatory for all the Indian citizens who wish to visit Dubai irrespective of the country they reside in.

All the applicants planning to visit the UK before for the visa need check and also meet the eligibility criteria set by the UKVI proving their employment status in Dubai, financial status in the home country, and Dubai, and they will exit the UK before the visa expires.

UK Visa Process in Dubai

UK visa is partially online as the visa form and payment is to be submitted online whereas the applicant needs to visit the VFS center for submission of the biometrics and the submission of the documents which is again scanned at the center by the VFS representative.

Applicants can apply for the visa 90 days before the intended date of the travel to the UK. Visitor Visa comes under the category of Standard Visitor Visa while filling up the visa form. Under this category, the applicant can travel for tourism purposes or to meet their family & friends in the UK.

The visa form is to be filled on the UKVI website and it covers the details of the applicant’s passport, family, employment, travel plans, finance, travel history, and inviter’s details if any. Once the form is completed verify all the details as once submitted you won’t be allowed to change any details.

After complete verification of the form, the applicant needs to submit the form online and make the payment of the consulate fees and VFS logistics charges. The payment can be made either with the help of the debit card or credit card.

Once the payment process is completed next step will be to schedule an appointment at the nearby VFS center. Make sure to reach the center 15 minutes before the scheduled time to avoid cancellation of the appointment and delaying the process of the appointment.

All the required documents must be carried in original to the VFS center on A4 size paper as the documents will be scanned there. On submission of the documents, the applicant will be guided for the biometrics.

The normal visa processing time is for 10 – 12  days however UKVI also provides the services of priority and super-priority wherein the visa process is completed in 5 and 2 working days respectively.

Once the mail is received of the visa process is been completed the applicant can collect the passport after 24 hours on receiving the mail or the applicant can opt for the courier service if they do not wish to visit the center. Courier service will be charged and is to be opted while making the payment of the VFS logistics charges.

The standard visitor visa received is for 6 months validity with multiple entries and a stay period of 6 months.

Documents required for UK Visit Visa from Dubai

  • Original Passport
  • Visa Form
  • Document Checklist
  • Cover letter addressing to British High Commission
  • Photographs will be clicked at the VFS center during the biometrics.
  • Bank statement attested for 3 months
  • Tax Papers
  • Emirates Card
  • Any other financial documents
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)

Employed Applicants

  • Offer/Appointment letter
  • NOC/Leave Letter
  • Salary Slip

Self-Employed Applicants

  • Company Registration Papers in Dubai
  • Tax Papers of the company
  • Bank statement of the company

Retired Applicants

  • Retirement letter
  • Pension slips
  • Any other financial documents

Sponsored Applicants

  • Sponsorship letter
  • Sponsor’s attested 3 months bank statement
  • Sponsor’s passport copy
  • Sponsor’s Tax Papers
  • Sponsor’s Emirates Card

Student Applicant

  • School/College ID Card
  • Emirates Card
  • Current Academic Year Fee Receipt

Invited Applicants

  • Invitation Letter
  • Inviter’s Passport copy
  • Inviter’s BRP card / Visa copy
  • Inviter’s Employment papers
  • Inviter’s Residence paper
  • Inviter’s Tax Papers

Apart from this list of the documents, the required documents may differ based on the consular’s decision, according to the application made, and the purpose of the visit to the UK.

UK visa fees for Indians 2020

Visa Type Purpose Validity Consulate Fees Vfs Fees Service Fees
Short Term  Visiting Friends / Tourist  180 Days  AED- 535 AED.60/- AED.100/-


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On your visit to the UK, you get to explore the land of Big Ben, Bansky & Bangers, and Mash in England,  get up close and personal with the ancient myths and modern-day legends of Giant Causeway and Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland, visit the mesmerizing ancient castle guards, mysterious lochs, and emerald glens in Scotland, or delve into the land of the dragons and spellbound scenery in Wales.

The UK is endowed with splendid landscapes, beautiful scenery, rich history, and culture making it one of the loved destinations. The most famous and loved city London is located in England, UK which is the hub for fashion, food, shopping, and amazing landmarks.

Visa is a mandatory document for all travelers to the UK for Indian citizens and they can apply for the visa 3 months before their intended date of travel. The visa is processed in 13-15 days and the received visa will be of 6 months multiple entries and the stay in the UK will of maximum 6 months.


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