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Malaysia is an alluring travel destination. A country with a rich culture, beautiful nature and hundreds of mesmerizing beaches, it is no surprise it got on the radar of every avid tourist out there.

However, there are several things to consider while you are planning your Malaysian retreat. One of which is getting Malaysia Visa. Getting Malaysia visa might give you a fair share of a headache, especially if you are not in the loop with the latest requirements, regulations and the needed documents Malaysia Visa for Indians. Whether you need a Malaysia Business Visa or a Malaysia Tourist Visa

Fly For Holidays presents easy to digest and simple to follow instructions on the best way to get Malaysia visa for Indians in the least stressful way possible.

Visa fees for Indians 2020

Malaysia Visa fees for Indians 2019


Multiple Entry Visa

Consulate Charges

Rs. 1,650 (USD 22.50)

Rs. 1,810 (USD 25.00)

Currency Conversion Charges

Rs. 100/-

Rs. 100/-

VFS Logistic Fees

Rs. 1,150/-

Service Charge

Rs. 330/-

Rs. 500/-

GST (18%)

Rs. 70/-

Rs. 90/-


Rs. 2,150/-

Rs. 3,650/-

Documents Required For Malaysia Visa For Indians

Malaysia Visa For Indians - Tourist Visa

Documents required for Malaysia Visa For Indians
Front & Back Scan Copy of Valid Passport (JPG Format).
Scanned Photograph (35 X 45 MM 70 % Face White Background - Recent Photograph. JPG format).
Air Ticket (PDF Format).
Hotel Confirmation (PDF Format).
Singapore Visa - In case entering from Singapore (PDF Format).
Birth Certificate - In Case of Minor.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is eNTRI Visa and what are the Documents required while applying for Malaysia eNTRI Visa?

eNTRI or Electronic Travel Registration & Information is the online registration facility which the Malaysian government provides to facilitate entry in Malaysia for Indian Nationals under the Visa waiver programme.

To get the Malaysia eNTRI Visa applicant is required to mail the following documents

1. Scanned Copy of Front and Back of Passport in JPG Format
2. Scanned Photograph with White Background in JPG Format
3. Confirmed return Air ticket in PDF Format
4. Confirmed Hotel Voucher in PDF Format
5. In case applicant is entering from Singapore then Singapore Visa Copy

What are the important key facts one should know before applying for Malaysia eNTRI visa?

One should know these following points before applying Malaysia eNTRI visa
1. Malaysia eNTRI Visa can be processed only 48 hours before Flight
2. Travel to Malaysia should start from India and applicant should be a citizen of India.
3.Individual residing inside India applying must have a direct flight from India to Malaysia and direct return flight ticket from Malaysia to India or via Singapore, Thailand or Brunei via air or land as medium is permitted to enter Malaysia and exit Malaysia via the following Entry/Exit points.

By Air

1. Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Sepang (KLIA & KLIA 2)
2. Penang International Airport, Penang
3. Langkawi International Airport, Kedah
4. Melaka International Airport, Melaka
5. Senai International Airport, Johor
6. Kuching International Airport, Sarawak
7. Miri International Airport, Sarawak
8. Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Sabah
9. Labuan International Airport, Federal Territory of Labuan

By Land

1. Sultan Iskandar Building Immigration Checkpoint, Johor
2. Sultan Abu Bakar Checkpoint, Johor
3. Padang Besar Checkpoint, Perlis
4. Bukit Kayu Hitam Checkpoint, Kedah
5. Sungai Tujuh Immigration Checkpoint, Sarawak
6. Tedungan Immigration Checkpoint, Sarawak

Terms and Conditions for Malaysia eNTRI visa?

Entry is only permitted through air or land border and applicant should have confirmed ticket as well as hotel confirmation as these have to be produced at the time of arriving in Malaysia.

Mandatory documents for Malaysia Visa

The mandatory documents required to apply are Malaysia Visa, Scanned Passport with validity of 6 months, Photographs, Confirm ticket and Hotel Confirmation. Malaysian Visa photo of 35MM x45MM with background and 70% face should be visible.

Additional documents required for applying a 6/12 month multiple entry Malaysian Visa

Applicant has to submit his original passport along with Air ticket and Hotel Confirmation which should have validity of at least 9 months from date of entering Malaysia, Application form, Covering letter, 6 Month Bank statement with Bank sign and seal.

Additional documents required to apply for Malaysia Business Visa

Applicant require original covering letter from Indian company addressed to ‘The Visa officer of Malaysia Consulate ‘, And also the Invitation letter from the overseas company addressed to ‘The Visa officer Malaysia Consulate’.

How can you get Malaysia Visa application form?

Call or write an email to, application form, covering letter & check list of Malaysia Visa will be sent to you by our team.

How long can one stay on valid Malaysia Tourist Visa?

It depends on how long you are willing to stay, there are different types of Visa Validity options which are available .

Can you apply for Malaysian Visa even when you are not in the country?

Yes, even if you are not in country you can still apply for Malaysian Visa as you have to submit all documents through email, also Malaysian Visa will be delivered to your inbox in PDF format.

Procedure to apply for Malaysian Visa

After your documentation is ready, you can send us scan copy through email. Our dedicated mail id for Visa desk is

Time taken by Malaysian Embassy to approve visa

Malaysian Embassy usually takes 3-4 working days, but it may vary from application to application & it is solely embassy discretion.

Important points we should know while applying for Malaysian Visa

Fly for Holidays is not responsible for approval, rejection or validity of visa. It is solely embassy discretion.

Can we amend or cancel Malaysia Visa Application?

Malaysia Visa Application amendment or cancellation is not permitted once application is made.

Can we apply for Refund?

Applied Malaysian Visa fees is completely non refundable and non transferable and thus cannot be refunded. Fly for Holidays is the best company for planning a trip abroad as we will help you with every move you move towards your visa application and having a successful trip. If you want to plan a trip to Malaysia then you should choose Fly for Holidays for a successful and memorable trip.

Terms & Conditions

Grant of visas are at the sole discretion of the visa officer at the consulate. We at Fly for Holidays will provide you guidance and advise to submit your visa application to the best of our knowledge and as per our information and experience. Possible time taken to process visas and turnaround time as advised by us to you is as per an estimate that is provided by Consulates. Applications are reviewed based on the information and documents submitted by you. Fly for Holidays is not responsible for the validity ,approval or rejection of your visa application at any point of time.

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