United Arab Emirates Tourism Guide

– By Denise Dsouza

The moment we hear UAE the first thought that comes to mind is the desert and the amazing Burj Khalifa. But it doesn’t stop there. UAE, being the short form for the United Arab Emirates, is blessed with an abundance of natural paradise consisting of never-ending coastlines, golden dunes, and the Rocky Mountains. Being the famous destination most people around the world have already visited, this modern hub doesn’t fail to receive visitors throughout the year.

Being a collective mixture of olden and modern, the tourism here flourished ever since this place has opened up its vibrant and exotic spots for travelers. Tourism here doesn’t stop at only visiting places or exploring but extends to even shopping, be it malls or in souks (an Arab bazaar).

Although UAE comprises of the seven Emirates, the most famous cities from all are Dubai and Abu Dhabi. While Dubai shows off her top-notch infrastructure, Abu Dhabi has her beautiful monuments to unfold. These two cities are well known for their man-made marvels and latest technology. Tourism here doesn’t have a specific period. The best months to visit especially when the temperatures are not that high are December to March, however, travelers visit throughout the year.

Things to do in Dubai

One day pass to UAE Attrations

Burj Khalifa:- Having 163 floors in total, tourists are allowed to go to the 124th floor or 143rd Floor, which is the observation deck, and experiences a spectacular view of the entire Dubai.  

Dubai Frame:- To add to Dubai’s skyline is the recent Dubai Frame. This extraordinary vertical structure is connected by two parallel pillars forming a frame. 

Miracle Garden:-Known as the largest vertical garden in the world, it is home to more than 50 million flowers and 250 million plants crafted in different shapes and sizes. 

Dubai Dolphin Show:- An indoor tourist attraction that allows you to interact with Dolphins and Seals, it gives guests a chance to watch these mammals display tricks and even dance.