Dubai Test Tour

Starting from

2,500.00 2,000.00 per adult

If you are an animal lover, then a visit to this place is a must. A combination of dolphins and seals, this fun-filled place is usually good for a family outing. Spread across 5000sqm, this place is fully air-conditioned making it a comfortable environment even on the hottest of days.

The different tricks and talents displayed by these mammals never fail to make the crows go OHHH! Trained under professionals, they are sure to win your hearts. The seals too participate and have their own set of tricks to display. They even dance and juggle to entertain. The animals use the main pool area to perform while the audience is seated in the large seating arena.

Besides the Dolphinarium, there is also a bird show called the Creek Park Bird Show in which one can take a look at many exotic species of birds from all across the world. These intelligent birds also display tricks of different sorts and even fly over your heads. One can also learn a lot about these birds and get information on their natural behaviors and habitats.

However, the best part about the entire experience is getting up close and personal with the creatures. Either you can swim with the Dolphins or get up close and personal with them what is usually called the ‘Meet & Greet.’

The other fun-filled stuff includes a mirror maze, trampoline room, and a 5D and 7D theatre to watch films.