Indonesia Tourism Guide & Places to visit in Indonesia

By Denise Dsouza

Indonesia consists of 18,108 islands in total making it the largest archipelago in the world from which 6000 are inhabited. It consists of big islands and smaller groups of islands which are spread along the equator. That’s the reason Indonesia has a tropical climate all throughout the year.

This country doesn’t experience extreme summers or winters. Humidity here is at a 90% rate. The West coast here receives the highest rainfall due it its mountainous area as the winds blow in from the South and the East from June until September and from the northwest region in December through March.

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The rainy season here lasts for about six months, however, it varies depending on the weather patterns. Of the 400 volcanoes here only 130 are active making it highly unstable and prone to frequent earthquakes. Ash from the volcanoes has made some agricultural conditions unpredictable.

The climate, size and topography here supports one of the world’s highest biodiversity. It has a mixture of Asian and Australian species. The forests itself here cover 70% of the country.

The capital city is Jakarta located in Java (750.28sq km). The largest and populated islands are Sumatra and Java. The other famous islands are Sulawesi, Kalimantan among the rest.

There are over 200 volcanoes in Indonesia out of which 60 are active. The most famous volcano here is Krakatau which had erupted in 1883 causing mass destruction. Located in Southeast Asia and between the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, it is the world’s largest island country. Despite having a large population, it has immense levels of biodiversity.

The country has a wide range of coastal ecosystems ranging from beaches to mangroves to coral reefs and even small island ecosystems.

The Japanese surrendered in 1945 and Indonesia finally proclaimed its independence in 1945. The economy of this island country is the 16th largest in the world. The official language spoken here is Indonesian while there are 700 regional languages.

The Islamic religion became dominant by the end of the 16th century in Java and Sumatra. Indonesia was badly hit by the 1997 Asian financial crisis. Indonesia emerged as a nation-state in the early 20th century.

The capital city is Jakarta located in Java (750.28sq km). It is the largest Muslim country in the world. The republic of Indonesia follows a presidential system. The national flag has a very simple design of a red stripe at the top which symbolizes courage and white at the bottom is for honesty.

The national day is on 17th August. The currency is the Indonesian Rupiah. Rice is the staple food here served with vegetables and meat. Modern-day Indonesia has a multicultural and multi-ethnic society. The culture here has been influenced from India, China, Middle-East and Europe. The education here is compulsory for up to 12 years of age.

When it comes to science and technology, the country produces a good number of trains and exports them abroad. Indonesia has abundant natural resources like gold, copper, coal, oil, natural gas, rice, tea, coffee, spices and rubber. The transport facilities are developed despite of it being an archipelago country. From buses to ships, planes to trains, this island country has all modes of transport operating here.

Indonesia receives millions of visitors annually from countries like India, China, Singapore, Japan, Australia among many other countries. The country has an international marketing campaign and Wonderful Indonesia has been their slogan since 2011 to promote tourism here.

Tourists come here to explore nature like the beauty of the archipelago, long stretches of beaches and the tropical climate and observe culture reflecting Indonesia’s heritage sites, history and cultural diversity. Visit the towns of Jakarta and Semarang and royal palaces in Ubud and Yogyakarta.  

There are so many wonderful places in Indonesia that it’s difficult to know where to begin from. In 2017, it was ranked at number 20 in the world tourist industry. Since 2000, around five million foreign visitors have come here and 59% come for vacations while 38% come for business purposes.

Tourism here is a collection of beaches, island visiting, dive sites, surfing, national parks, viewing volcanoes while hiking/climbing, temple visitation and historical and cultural sites. There are also amusements parks and shopping malls to roam in and have a fun filled day.

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