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About Singapore Tourism

Singapore is described as a community of modern Asia. Diverse people of different culture & history are assimilated here. It is one of the flourishing tourist spot owing to its fast moving economy, succulent and fleshy greenery, tidiness and many tourist attractions.  Singapore is such a place where people always wish to go & it deserves to be in your bucket list if you are planning an International trip. The super fast public transport will help you to roam around & explore other places easily. Singapore is a mixture of all people like Hindus, Catholics, Muslims, Buddhist & Taoists. There are number of activities to be done in Singapore for nature lovers, epicureans, thrill seekers & solace hunter. Singapore is also called as the “Lion City” because the name Singapore is derived from “Singa Pura” which in Sanskrit means Lion City.


  1. Universal Studio

It is an exciting place for friends and families. It is located in Resorts World Sentosa and it is a theme park with amazing and exciting attractions, 28 thrilling rides and eye catching show. As it is an amusement park it is a must visit place for once travelling with kids, friends and families. It is also one of the best place for honeymooners. The park is divided into different 7 to 8 fun zones & it is spread approximately 49 acres. The unique rides of this park is world famous. This rides include roller coaster, river boat ride and water sports. One should not miss the 3D combat zone as it provides the best experience & it is one of the most sophisticated ride. Most of this fun zones are based on popular movies Madagascar and the Lost World. It is recommended to keep atleast one day aside to explore this place or else you will regret it later.

  1. Sentosa Island

Owing to the activities it provides to its travelers Sentosa is the best and beautiful place to visit in Singapore. It is a home to places like butterfly garden, an aquarium (Underwater World) & a few beach clubs. This island is full of adventure and fun. This again is a must visit place for once traveling with their friends, families & kids. The 37 meter Merlion statue is the main attraction of this Island. Siloso, the only preserved fort of Singapore is located on this Island. Siloso beach is for once seeking comfort or consolation in their bad times. This place can be reached by cable car, bus, hired cab or Sentosa Expree which will cost you around SGD 4.

  1. Singapore Botanic Gardens

It is one of the favorite place of nature lovers and one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This first ever tropical botanic garden of Singapore and it has a varied collection of flora & fauna. If you are travelling with your childrens then you should not miss this place for sure. The authorities of this garden host an entertain show to spread awareness about various plants and their needs for protection. The best attraction to visit in this garden is Bonsai garden, eco-lake and the National Orchid Garden.

  1. Singapore Night Safari

This zoo is located very much next to the Singapore Zoo. It has around 130 species of animals and to see this species there is an open concept enclosure or tramps which take nearly about 45 minutes. They also have a 20 minute creatures night show for once in close guidance. This night safari animals like Chital deer, gaur, Asian elephant, rhinoceros are most seen during lighting. The ferocious animals like lion and tigers are kept in bars & friendly animal like deer roam freely in the park.

  1. Singapore Flyer

If you are an adventure enthusiast then this place should head in your bucket list. This majestic flyer is considered as Asia’s tallest flyer and it can accommodate 28 people in 28 different air conditioned capsules. On its ride it offers an amazing view of Marina Bay, Merlin Park and Singapore river. If you are not an adventure enthusiasts then you can enjoy man made rain forest with waterfalls & streams, a tour of the fascinating journey of dreams & 6D theatre.

  1. Marina Bay

It is a lovely place in Singapore. It is an entertainment resort packed in a bundle of activities. It is for the once who wants a memorable day in the city without spending much time. Marina Bay Sands Hotel is one of the expensive casino property. It has an amazing infinity pool on the top floor which is world famous. The mall at the Marina Bay Sands is another reason to visit this place which has the Art Science Museum which has the artworks, painting etc. from the artists across the world and high end brands.

  1. South East Asia Aquarium

It is considered as one of the largest aquarium in the world. Almost all the travelers have this place in their bucket list while planning to visit this island nation.  This South East Asia Aquarium is a house to not less than 800 marine animal species and 49 aquatic habitats. You atleast have to spare a few hour if you are visiting this place because it will take quite a few hours to admire this gentle creatures. It has the largest viewing panel across the world which helps the visitor to get a closer view of the marine animals and also learn more about their habitat. The Open Ocean Tank here is the huge structure and it is home to leopard sharks & manta rays which is difficult to spot. There are also other marine animals like Japanese spider crab, sea nettle, Pacific octopus and giant moray eel. It is recommended to go on a VIP tour or Ocean Dream Experience where you are taken in each and every section & given detailed knowledge about the animal and their way. If you opt for Ocean Dream Experience then you are allowed to spend a night with this creatures.

  1. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Millions of life of people have been impacted with the Buddha’s Teaching across the world. Singapore encourages many Buddhist Temples and other places. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is one of the famous temple among this Buddhist place. It is an amazing marvel with elegant interior designing which is situated in Chinatown district of Singapore. This temple was constructed in the year 2007. By visiting this temple you get to know about the history of Buddhism. Sacred Light Hall, Eminent Sangha Museum and Buddhist Cultural Museum are some of the attractions here which visitors can learn from. Certain things are strictly not allowed in this temple like non-veg food, pets, wearing short and revealing cloths. The temple is open 7 days a week from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm.

  1. Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin is an island in Singapore and most visited place by the nature lovers and adventure enthusiast. This island is covered with lush & dense forest, hills, lakes, rare fauna which take you away from your busy life. If you are adventure enthusiast then you can go for trekking held by the local group or you can take a view of this city by riding on bicycle. It is the best place to waste your weekend.Puaka Hill is one of the most famous attraction on Pulau Ubin. Chek Jawa Wetlands is a blessing to this island the one of the famous place to visit. It is recommended to visit this place with a guide as you can learn more about this island and also about its flora and fauna.

  1. Gardens By the Bay

This garden is divided into two Bay East and Bay South and it is one of the hypnotizing place to explore in Singapore. The Garden Bay is    across 250 acres and is located close to Marina Reservoir. The garden is a perfect mixture of design, nature and architecture with 400000 plants overall.        If you are travelling with your little once then you should not miss the sound and light show hosted by the garden. In this Garden of you should definitely visit Flower dome, largest glass green house across the globe and cloud forest conservatory. The waterfalls of Cloud Forest Conservatory are the tallest in the world.


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1. Do you require visa to travel to Singapore?

The answer is YES. You will require Singapore visa to travel to Singapore.

2. Is Singapore dangerous or safe for the tourists?

Singapore is safest for tourist in Asia and there are no crimes against tourist in this country. Only the pick pocketing crime takes place at the airport.

3. Which month would be the cheapest to visit Singapore?

The cheapest month to visit Singapore is March.

4. Which time is the best to visit Singapore?

February to April is the best time to visit due to dry weather in this months.

5. What you should wear in Singapore?

As the climate of Singapore is hot and humid throughout the year you should pack all light and comfortable cloths and shorts to wear.

6. Which currency is used in Singapore?

Singapore Dollar or also known as sing-dollar on streets is the currency used in Singapore.