About Me

I, Seema Dhakan a teacher by profession till 2016 started a new venture with content writing by developing the skills of putting ideas into paper though I always loved reading, the writing was something different. You need to develop your ideas and skills on how to put up the words and express your thoughts and I decided to give it a chance and get into it completely.

I started with the travel agency by writing the content for the visa and for that I had to know how the visa is processed. I started studying the consulate websites which gave a good amount of information and while I started answering the queries I found client experience always counts because the applications which are processed is the reality and how it was done are the facts and frankly speaking apart from certain basic documents every applicant have a different story and different documents and I found it quite interesting to know the case and guide them. While learning through this process I can confidently say that I can write unique & engaging content with more information and always try to give 100% satisfaction through my content with the help of article writing & blog posts.

Having enough experience and certain positive reviews of my clients I decided to pen down my thoughts and ways into different fields. I even started writing blogs and found it very interesting, firstly because I got to write which I always wanted and started gaining more knowledge which inspired me to spread it through various means.
I wish to continue writing and spread as much knowledge possible and hopefully allowing my talent of writing to grow which will help others.